The land of Orengaard has gone through numerous upheavals in its millennia of history. Much of what it once held has been lost to time, with only shattered ruins and misremembered legends as any indication that they ever existed. Once, it held great kingdoms and empires and human civilization spanned the continent when it was at its peak. Today, it holds dozens of scattered nations that cycle through an endless pattern of coexistance and conflict, and stretches of untamed wilderness full of mysteries waiting to be rediscovered.

Lore of Orengaard

Ages of Orengaard - The tides of time have transformed the face of this world many times since it first spring into being. Nobody knows with certainty the truth behind the events of the past, especially after the Mad Times destroyed so much, but here is a short accounting of Orengaard's history, from before it was ever known by that name.

The March of Time - The calendar of Orengaard long predates the great human empire, but much of its ancient symbolism has been forgotten or was lost entirely in the Mad Times.

Classes of Orengaard - Adventurers of many stripes explore the wilds and ruins of Orengaard.

Races of Orengaard - A great variety of humanoid races populate Orengaard, and the Mad Times have shaken the old order so that none can truly claim dominance over the land.

The World of Orengaard - The vast continent of Orengaard boasts many diverse regions and is surrounded by numerous distinct waters, all with their own unique characters and histories, and it is only a portion of the world in which mortal beings reside.

Life in the Age of Remnants

The Grand Design

The Higher Powers - Numerous cosmic forces seek to win the hearts and minds of mortals and claim dominion over the Material Plane.

Threats and Terrors

Realms of Orengaard

Brokhav - A fractious kingdom born from squabbling nations that banded together under one ruler to defend themselves during the Mad Times.

Dharafi Emirates - Once an influential kingdom spanning the region between the Sabekti Desert and the Heartsea, now a collection of loosely-associated emirates.

Eastern Seamarches - The eastern shores of the Heartsea are home to numerous mercantile city-states descended from the survivors of a grand kingdom fallen to ruin. The region thrives on trade and exploration, delving into the remnants of the old kingdom for its ancient treasures and importing exotic goods from its colonies in the Far East.

Farval - A bustling dwarven outpost where merchants from many dwarven clans compete to trade with other races.

Glas CladaĆ­ - A kingdom on the western shore where free men choose their lords and druids crown their king.

Hadstuun Vraznig - The great mountain homeland of the dwarves.

Krusopol - Located on a large island in the Heartsea, it is widely considered to be the grandest city that exists in the Age of Remnants.

Kronenberg - A former duchy of the old empire that holds fast to its ancient traditions.

Kuurok - A goblin nation founded in the period after the Mad Times, ruled by a militarized theocracy devoted to Khaaniv, the god of war and conquest.

Mortovia(?) - A nation rules by necromancers and the undead(under contruction)

Nekenthys - A theocratic city-state that is also a wealthy trading hub that receives merchant ships from all along Orengaard's southern coastline, as well as from mysterious lands across the sea.

The Nether - The depths beneath Orengaard are home to a labyrinth of caverns rife with dark and terrible wonders. Numerous kingdoms and city-states exist in this sunken realm, but only a few are known even to the most learned scholars.

Robber Baronies - A fractious region of short-lived petty kingdoms controlling the mouth of the Heartsea.

Thaumus - A small but powerful magocracy that grew up around the remnants of the ancient Arcane Academy of Orengaard.

Tyradvan - An eladrin monarchy in the Feywild that reopened its paths into the world of men after the end of the Mad Times.

The Vardnir Nation - Seagoing raiders and mercenaries from the northern islands, the Vardnir are a strong and proud people organized into tribes, and ruled by the High Queen.

Yanalaith - An elven community chafing under the governance of the reestablished Tyradvan nobility.

Tribal Societies - Many lands today still host people whose communities are tribes tied together by blood and culture.

Organizations of Orengaard

Children of Echidne - A forbidden cult that came into existance during the Mad Times that support and venerate monstrous beings.

Crossed Swords Agency - Adventurer's guild that caters to all clients, whether they be looking for work or looking for workers.

Golden Heart Consortium - An association of merchants' guilds that seeks to control trade in the Heartsea.

The Torchbearers - An organization of itinerant heroes descended from a knightly order founded by the squires of Fyrus Oren, considered by many a cursed order that is blamed for the threat of the twisted horrors they are sworn to destroy.

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